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Power Project in Zeitz, Germany



Company GN Energy Engineering in 2005 has studied the tecnical and economic feasibility of the construction of a power plant close to the city of Zeitz . Under the results of this study the company has made a decision to attract  investments for the power plant construction  in Industrial Park Zeitz. In 2005  company GuD Zeitz GmbH was registered  for implementation of the Project. This company takes preparatory measures for arrangement of financing and construction of the Project.



Project Location


The Industrial Park Zeitz is located on the territory of Sahsen-Anhalt Land , 40 km to  the south of Leipzig , in the vicinity of Zeitz. The Industrial Park is managed by ZSG Zeitzer Standortgesellschaft mbH.


The right of property for the site land is transferred to GuD Zeitz GmbH for construction of the power plant with the planned capacity.



Industrial park view


Selection of Concept for the Combined Cycle Power Plant


The aim of the project is construction of a combined cycle power plant in Industrial Park Zeitz, Sahsen-Anhalt Land , Germany for generation of electric power and its sale in the wholesale market. In addition, the produced steam shall meet the demand of Industrial Park in the city of Zeitz .


As the result of pre-design study, the following configuration of the power plant is recommended:

• 2 gas turbines with an electrical capacity of 45 MW each;
• heat recovery steam generator (HRSG);
• steam turbine with an electrical capacity of 38 MW;
• air-cooled condenser system
• standby boilers;
• auxiliary equipment.

It is planned to connect the power plant to gas pipeline laid in close vicinity of the Industrial Park.


The power plant shall be located compactly on the area of 1,7 ha .



Current status 


Company GuD Zeitz  GmbH was established as a special purpose company for arrangement  of the power plant construction on the territory of Industrial Park Zeitz.


The Feasibility Study for the Project has been elaborated, its technical concept was selected and the main technical and economical parameters have been determined as well as the tender documentation has been elaborated  for holding tenders for selection of EPC-Contractor for CCPP design and construction. 


The Company has acquired a site land and obtained construction permit for CCPP (issued by authority of Sahsen-Anhalt land).


Based on the proposals received from the tender participants the EPC-Contractor has been selected and EPC- Contract for CCPP construction on a turn-key” basis has been agreed upon and signed. 


The conditions of gas supply agreement are adopted as well as conditions of the contract for gas pipeline construction for CCPP which construction is to be completed prior to commencement of adjustment and commissioning works.


The conditions of the contract for CCPP connection to the power grid as well as conditions of the contract for construction of 110 kV power transmission line are adopted.