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Main focus of the Company GN Energy Engineering is a management over realization of thermal power projects, rendering Owners Engineer services at power project development, including preparation of tender documents and tendering, tender evaluation, preparation and adaptation of contracts with contractors and suppliers, as well as works of power projects implementation including engineering, deliveries of equipment, adjustment and commissioning works.



The Company carries out the following types of works on a contract basis:

         selection of a proper site for construction of  the power plant;

         elaboration of the concept for the Project construction taking into account the possibilities for fuel supply and power distribution;

         selection of the power Project configuration through comparison of different variants of the equipment concepts;

     arrangement and implementation of the external financing, including elaboration of financial model, selection of partners, holding the negotiations with loan institutions and approval of the terms and conditions for the Credit Agreement;

         preparation of the necessary documentation for the Bank regarding the use and repayment of the credit line;

         carrying out soil investigations;

         elaboration of the Feasibility Study for the Project construction and its approval as per the legislation requirements;

          elaboration of tender documentation and holding  tenders for selection of the EPC- Contractor for carrying out the works for the construction of  power Project;

          preparation of the EPC-Contract for execution of works for the Project construction and its finalization;

          execution of works for construction of power Projects;

           investigation of insurance market conditions, selection of an insurance company, including approval of conditions for Policies of Transport and Erection All Risks insurance;

          elaboration of the power plant operational concept, including elaboration, approval,
selection of partners for  the following types of  Contracts:

1.       for fuel supply;

2.      for sale of electric power;

3.      for operation and maintenance of the power plant.


Companys activity for development and arrangement of financing of combined cycle Power Project in Macedonia was awarded by the Certificate of Trade Finance.